Tyrion Lannister T-Shirt




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  • 印花主题 : 几何图案
  • 厚薄 : 常规
  • 品牌类型 : 非品牌
  • 袖长 : 短袖
  • 领型 : 圆领
  • 颜色 : 白色 灰色 藏青色 黑色 红色 蓝色
  • 尺码 : 女L 女XL S M L XL 2XL 3XL
  • 面料分类 : 其他
  • 款式细节 : 印花
  • 品牌 : 其它/other
  • 袖型 : 常规
  • 花型图案 : 纯色
  • 版型 : 标准
  • 材质 : 棉
  • 棉含量 : 80%(含)-89%(含)
  • 适用季节 : 夏季
  • 上市时间 : 2016年
  • 适用场景 : 日常
  • 适用对象 : 青少年
  • 基础风格 : 青春流行
  • 细分风格 : 青春活力

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( Jaq Trinidad )

I bought a large size shirt for male but the chest measurement is 4 cm short of the specified measure. So, I ordered again another shirt in 2XL size and it is just 2cm difference in the chest measurement. Is there something wrong with the way I measure? I would love to send a photo to show my point but I don't think it's possible here.

( Baopals )

Hi Jaq, you can find a photo of the sizing chart and how they calculate chest measurements in the DETAILS tab (Pictured as #8 here: https://blog.baopals.com/shopping-tips/choosing-right-products/).

Please contact us if you have any other questions!

( Emma )

Hi, please can you provide the chest measurements for this t-shirt? Thanks Emma

( Baopals )

Hi Emma, if you look at the Details tab for this product you can find a detailed sizing chart. For the female size, L is is 90cm, XL is 94cm, etc. Hope this helps!

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